camano island [island of madronas]





Having lived in washington the entirely of my life, i have strangely never been exploring on Camano Island. That was remedied this weekend, with a little family camping. It is fairly close to the city, so i was delightfully surprised to see so many birds, animals etc all over the island! The state park where we were camping was also right on the water, with steep cliffs overlooking the ocean. It was amazing, beautiful, and invigorating for the soul. Also the Madrona Trees. Those were the bomb.




it means a pause. a break. a moment in time.


i am not a blog person. at all really.

sometimes i get ambitious, bookmark a healthy list of inspiring design-minded blogs, convincing myself that not only will they keep me at peak creativity for months on end but that i will fill all my in-between moments devouring their pages and embark upon a regular routine of inspired living. and then?  it lasts about two days (if i am lucky) before it either seems like too much effort to keep up, or my favorite ones don’t post enough and i get bored…ugh!

so the purpose of this blog is not to inspire anyone or about posting on any sort of regular basis, convincing myself i will become a stellar blogger. because i know i won’t.  rather i envision it as a space where i can canvas brief encounters and moments of my day.  i love taking photos.  when i look through the lens of the camera or through the screen of my phone app, it focuses my attention.  it allows me to frame the details, textures and objects i see in a more focused way. i see beauty in these elements that aren’t visible to me when the whole expanse is in view.  these are treasured moments for me and they bring joy and life into my world.

so if you stumble across these moments of mine as you are wandering through the world wide web, i hope you enjoy.  i hope that these moments of mine remind you to take a brief hiatus of  your own and look around YOU and see what beauty is around you that you may never have realized before.