my first taste of nyc was not perhaps the most typical.  we did not go to Central Park or the Ground Zero 911 Memorial. we did not (really) see the Statue of Liberty, eat from street vendors, or take the Subway. but it was an amazing experience filled with so many delightful things.


it was a whirl-wind, with 24 hours to explore the city and unfortunately not a lot of time to capture many good photos, but here are a couple of moments from around the Chelsea Market and High Line area.



























[a salt tasting bar!] so many kinds!




















































[one of my favorite spots.] so magical!

the coast [revisited]

Our time on the Oregon coast last weekend was just so wonderful that I have to share a few more of my favs from our time there.

We spent an afternoon exploring quaint little Astoria, a sleep, foggy maritime town.  We ate lunch along the river watching seals pop their heads up every few minutes. We wandered along the pier filled with piles of birds – seabirds we think, and listened to sea lions barking SO loud!  There is something about time spent near the water, listening to the waves and the birds and feeling the sea breeze on your face that, for a moment, makes all the troubles in the world simply melt away…






One fun moment for me was when we were driving back to our campsite from the day in Astoria and we came across a momma elk and her little baby chewing on some stalks.  We then drove around the corner and there was a mini herd of them!  I’ve never been so up close to so many of them before!  It was AMAZING.





the coast [oregon]

The oregon coast is probably one of my favorite places on earth. I’ve been going there with my family, and now with my husband, ever since I was a kid, and there is something irresistible about it. For someone in love with sunshine and 80 degree weather, I feel that’s saying something.




We camped at our usual spot at Fort Stevens and took a drive down to Tillamook for some quality time at the Cheese Factory, with a few scenic stops along the way.  All along Hwy 101 are beautiful vantage points over the cliffs to the white caps below, and this is one of my favorites from a quick stop off.




We lucked out on the usual foggy, windy days and it was SUNNY, WARM and AMAZING all day long.  We stopped off for some beach time at Rockaway Beach, where we played in the waves, sat in the sand, practiced our sweet moves and were even luck enough to see humpback whales spouting all along the coast.

P.S. that’s Twin Rocks you see in the background. Can you believe the load of sea birds perched on the top of those things!


I love the contrast of warm sun on my back and the misty foggy of the mountains.



Walking hand in hand with my love along the soft, sandy and endless beach is the perfect way to relax and unwind…if only every weekend could be like this!



exploring tahoma [mt rainier]

i think i am in love.

Last summer Chase and I explored Mount Rainier for what I think was my first time. It was a beautiful. It was breathtaking. It was a gem in my very own back yard that has been hiding from me my entire life! These past two weekends we ventured back to that magnificent wilderness and explored new sites, new trails, lakes and wildlife. We’ve done a few different hikes this summer, but our time in Rainier has been my favorite by far.

peaceful, magnificent, breathtaking…it feeds by soul

Out on the trails it is so quiet. It is so peaceful. The only sound is the chirping of the birds and the whistling of the wind in the trees. There are so many hiking spots here, full of coniferous trees and ferns, but what I like about Rainier is that the terrain is much more diverse. The trails are full of rocky hillsides and little meadows, of little babbling brooks, serence lakes and pools, and gushing waterfalls. It’s not a long and sweaty hike to a scenic destination, but the whole hike is full of surprise moments along the way.

Yesterday the weather was foggy and overcast, with wispy clouds covering the mountain – hard to capture in photographs, but here are some of my fav shots.



camano island [island of madronas]





Having lived in washington the entirely of my life, i have strangely never been exploring on Camano Island. That was remedied this weekend, with a little family camping. It is fairly close to the city, so i was delightfully surprised to see so many birds, animals etc all over the island! The state park where we were camping was also right on the water, with steep cliffs overlooking the ocean. It was amazing, beautiful, and invigorating for the soul. Also the Madrona Trees. Those were the bomb.




it means a pause. a break. a moment in time.


i am not a blog person. at all really.

sometimes i get ambitious, bookmark a healthy list of inspiring design-minded blogs, convincing myself that not only will they keep me at peak creativity for months on end but that i will fill all my in-between moments devouring their pages and embark upon a regular routine of inspired living. and then?  it lasts about two days (if i am lucky) before it either seems like too much effort to keep up, or my favorite ones don’t post enough and i get bored…ugh!

so the purpose of this blog is not to inspire anyone or about posting on any sort of regular basis, convincing myself i will become a stellar blogger. because i know i won’t.  rather i envision it as a space where i can canvas brief encounters and moments of my day.  i love taking photos.  when i look through the lens of the camera or through the screen of my phone app, it focuses my attention.  it allows me to frame the details, textures and objects i see in a more focused way. i see beauty in these elements that aren’t visible to me when the whole expanse is in view.  these are treasured moments for me and they bring joy and life into my world.

so if you stumble across these moments of mine as you are wandering through the world wide web, i hope you enjoy.  i hope that these moments of mine remind you to take a brief hiatus of  your own and look around YOU and see what beauty is around you that you may never have realized before.